Facebook ‘selfie’ Leads To Shoplifting Arrest In Illinois: Police – Yahoo News

Facebook tests new feature | Local News – KCCI Home

News travels fast in the small southern Illinois town, and within about two hours, someone sent a link to Saxton’s Facebook post, where she’d posted a “selfie” with the message “Love my dress,” Morton said. “I called the police department and said, ‘It just hit Facebook,’ and they were on it in two seconds,” he said. Saxton was charged with theft and with failure to appear in court on a warrant in another case, according to West Frankfort Police Dispatch Supervisor John Hampton. He did not know the charge in the earlier case. The July theft was caught on the store’s surveillance camera, he said.

Facebook posts lead to charges of retail theft for West Frankfort woman

Saluki Screen Repair Other Stories New swings appearing in Iowa bring… Some advertisements will have a “buy” button, and with a click, you can purchase the item in the ad. Everything with the entire transaction is handled inside Facebook, which includes your credit card information and shipping address. With this feature, people on desktop or mobile can click the Buy call-to-action button on ads and Page posts to purchase a product directly from a business, without leaving Facebook, the social network said . Facebook also said it won’t share your credit card information with other advertisers.

Social media has become very helpful for law enforcement. People, even criminals, cant seem to keep from posting everything they do online, he said. Union County States Attorney Tyler Edmonds said Facebook, Twitter and other programs and applications have become invaluable in recent years and have become vital tools in building cases, he said.


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